Thursday, September 16, 2010

Industrial carts and more...

I decided to share my Craig's list finds with you again, since I can't buy them (which is killing me).  No room until we build the new house.  We are storing so much stuff in my sister's basement, we could practically live there.

Check out this industrial cart which could be used as a coffee table - only $125!  Industrial cart tables at Restoration Hardware frun from $700 - $1700.  I love this look.

These 50s retro bar height dinette and two matching stools are only $40.  I love them.  How fun for a small apartment or a basement bar.

The post by the owner of this 1954 Yellow Mid Century Lane Cedar Dresser is hysterical.  She knows she has a great piece, and it's killing her that there is no interest...Worn down, she's willing to sell it for $1.  Worth the read.

Mirror, mirror on the wall...this gold mirror reminds me of Snow White, and is $85.  How perfect for a little girl's room.

This church pulpit chair could add a unique twist to an office or even a dining room for $75.

Just in time for the weekend.  Check them out, pick them up the weekend, bring them home, take a snapshot, and let me know how you like them.


  1. love them all ... surtout the church chair! Philadelphia a bit too far ... too bad!


  2. I am finally catching up with my Google Reader and got this post. You may not believe this but I just finished writing basically the exact same post for Monday! I love your items. The dresser and mirror are my favorites!

  3. The industrial cart is quite the steal!!!


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