Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Great finds!

I love perusing Craig's list.  It's like window shopping at a flea market.  Sometimes I am amazed by the finds.  And since we have no more room in this tiny little house until the new one is built, you all (at least in the area) are the beneficiaries of my finds this evening, ladies.

1920s vintage crystal chandelier - $65

Gorgeous Gold Framed Mirror $100

Leopard Chair - Perfect Condition - $65

Old School Desks - $10

50s Retro Kitchen Table and Chairs - $150

 It's so cathartic.  I feel like I went shopping even though I didn't spend a dime.  Tell me, have you scored any great Craig's List finds lately?


  1. ~*~LOVE the chandelier!! Today I found some nice vintage white bowls for $.59 cents each and a vintage looking glass apothacary jar for $3.99..not amazing finds..but great for my farmhouse kitchen~ Thanks for sharing your neat finds! Rachel :)~*~*

  2. love the old school chairs. They would be great for my kids.
    For some reason, I have never bought anything from craig's list.

  3. I love the mirror! Saw something similar in an interior magazine where they had painted it white and put it up on a white wall. It was so lovely and I am now searching for something similar so I wish I would stumble over something like that on a local flea market :)

  4. thanks for visiting my blog! i am so excited to check yours out as well! hope youll keep coming back!

  5. That mirror is absolutely amazing! Thanks for sharing your finds!
    XO Piper

  6. are awesome. YES. I am exactly that person who shops for hours off Craigslist, imagining how I could transform all sorts of furniture.

    But the only furniture I've bought off Craigslist are used Pier 1 nightstands so clearly I need to gather more courage and really dive into a more rewarding Craigslight project/purchase.


    Your blog's cute as can be! Keep it up.



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