Monday, August 9, 2010

Dresser Distress

Hello ladies! I need help!  Our bought-out-of-college dressers are falling apart after ten years and we need a new one.

What I really want to buy is this beautiful handcrafted St. James 11 drawer dresser from Restoration Hardware.

But, since I'm having trouble committing to a house style right now, I am not ready to commit to an expensive dresser.  So off to Craig's list I go.  I have been searching for several weeks now, and yesterday, I came across this solid wood, well-constructed dresser (for $80!):

I think it has big potential, but I've never done a furniture renovation before.  Luckily, my sister has all of the equipment I might need, like a sander.  I am open to any kind of style really, as this will have many possible locations in the new house - kid's room, guest room, living room... Do you think I can pull off getting that natural look of the RH dresser above? or should I go with a bold color? or a neutral so it can be more versatile? Can you help a sister out with some ideas and tips?

P.S.  By the way, I think I just realized my inspiration for this is Blueprint Bliss's new project.  She just bought this great campaign dresser, and I can't wait to see what she does with it!

Even if she goes neutral, I love how BOLD this green inspiration picture of hers is.  She got it from Little Green Notebook via Lonny:

P.S.S.  I also just realized that the only reason I am crazy enough to believe I transform something like this into something beautiful is because of Fresh Paint Fridays at Life in the Fun Lane. 

I will either thank you or blame you later!


  1. Great find! You can sand it and paint it a creamy white, that color fits in every room of the house I think. And it's timeless. Have you seen the Norwegian blog of ANETTESHUS.COM? She has a beautiful house (named swiss style) houses. I love her house! (Click on translation for english). In a couple of weeks I have to do a similar project, so I too need to think of a color. Good luck with it!

  2. I love the bold green one on my blog--- but I'm going to have to go neutral with mine. Plus, after I put all of the work into it to redo it--- I want it to be a color that I'll like awhile and can possible move from room to room. So I'll probably do a creamy white! Can't wait to see yours! xx- Brooke

  3. I say, go for the bold look. It will give a punch of colors to your room.
    I am in process of sanding an old chest of drawers ... would love to do a silver leaf finish on it.... I just need to learn how : )

    Looking forward to seeing after pictures


  4. I'm always one to go for bold but if you want to keep it versatile for different rooms then stick with natural. You could always do something interesting with hardware instead. There are many different staining techniques you could use to get the resto look too!

  5. i love the bold look...if you grow tired with it you can always change it to white eventually! all the best with the rennovation!

    thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving me a comment! would love to stay in touch with you and your lovely blog. please let me know if you'd like to follow each other/swap blog links.


  6. That's a great piece...and I say paint it...either a crisp bold color or a soft muted gray.

  7. Thanks for the link. I am always inspired by Life in the Fun Lane!

    And thanks for your sweet comments about Collins!

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  9. I can't wait to see what you do. You know, you are smart to wait about your style. That is a smart choice, because my tastes change, too. I love that green one, though!

  10. So funny that you went to Bucknell AND did Bucknell en France! Madame Desombre was a little before my time but the name has come up. Also hilarious that the professor-in-residence gave you grief about traveling as well — cheers for disobeying! When did you graduate? So lovely to "meet" you!

    Love your new dresser! I just scored a campaign one off Craigslist and I swear I'll never buy an expensive piece again! I would wait and see what you find when you sand it down — you could have the color of the RH option! If not, I would paint it a fresh white and perk up the hardware a bit. Then again, I spent the weekend painting a union jack on my campaign dresser ;)

  11. cant wait to see it finished!


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