Monday, August 30, 2010

Dresser Distress (Part II)

This is going to be short, but not very sweet...why didn't any of you tell me how much work this reworking furniture thing is?! just show the before and after pictures like whoosh!  Here's the ugly, drab, disgusting piece of furniture that no one in their right mind would ever buy, and then (*successive harp strums*) ta dah! here's the most beautiful custom piece of furniture you've ever seen that you couldn't find in a store if you tried. 

But you never mentioned the hours of grueling, labor intensive, sweat, blood and tears that went into it!  Needless to say we've been working on the dresser this weekend.  After a couple of hours on Friday and a few hours on Sunday, two of us have almost finished sanding it down.  I feel like such a wimp; we even had two electric handheld sanding machines.  I still don't think it's going to be in good enough shape to stain it (there is some weird paint in some spots underneath that won't come off and taking off the hardware left holes in some places that will have to be filled in with putty), so I am in the process of picking out a good color.  Wish me luck!


  1. I remember when the hubby and I finished an old desk... it took us forever. We could only do it at night, when our 1 year old had gone to bed, and at the time, we lived in an apartment, so we had to do all the work in the dining room and then clean it all up before morning... We still laugh about it now... but it was worth it in the end! It's now ready for a touch up, but I don't think we'll be starting it any time soon!! Thanks for the comment by the way... it's a shame you can't come over for a tea and cookie, as I'm eating them all... and that's not a good thing! Lx

  2. You're so right, refinishing is hard! I refinished a pos dresser that my hubby had to re putty and sand for days on end. Then it took me two days to paint it with milk paint!

  3. Oops! You are right, nobody tells you this, but every piece is different. Some are easier to sand. I have some of this waiting for me too, wish me luck!

  4. I often get in the middle of a project and decide I am going for a distressed finish. That way I don't have to work so hard. Bet it will turn out great!

  5. You are so funny ... Love your post!
    I wish you luck and patience. I'm sure it will look fabulous at the end!


  6. Lots of luck. You are more dedicated with me. That's why I don't refinish anything. I just paint. And never sand first. Ha!


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