Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Daydreaming about Porches

When I am stuck in my 10' x 10' living room on a beautiful day as Little Man is taking a nap, I start to imagine what I would be doing in our new house - curling up with a good book and a glass of wine on the porch. 

I think we are going to do a wrap around, which will lead to a screened-in portion in the back, which will lead to an outdoor patio, with partial trellace (more on that later).  For the Love of a House has recently inspired me to not limit my porch envy to just the first floor.

This one is from Haven Homes.  They are the modular company we were considering.

Love, love, love this one.  Looks like a screened-in porch with french doors leading to the regular porch, which is wide enough to dine. (not sure where I found these next few.  I started collecting a long time ago, way before I ever imagined writing a blog about this whole experience...sorry for not referencing).

Love the white wrought iron detail on the porch here.  This is what I think we are really going for. 

I like how wide this porch is and also how the porch roof is angled, adding to the private feel.

I can just imagine reading a good book here.

This is the upstairs porch from the blog, For the Love of a House.  Ella is checking out the great views.

What a great screened-in porch below.  I can just imagine sitting here with a bottle of wine and a friend.

What do you like best about a porch?


  1. Omigosh. I am so jealous. I love decadent front porches. :-)

  2. Love the porch photos! We have a large covered porch on our farmhouse style cottage and we use it constantly in the summer. In fact, we eat every meal out there while the weather is warm enough. In the winter, it's great for getting out of the snow and giving the kids a place to unload their snow gear. If we ever move, a porch is at the top of our priority list!

    Thanks for stopping by Homestead Revival. Hope to have you visit again soon!


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