Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mod Pod?

My sister suggested we go modular, sending me a link to Haven Homes.  Beautiful homes! I especially love the designs by Memphis architectural firm, Looney Ricks Kiss, like the Tucker Bayou.  Here's a shot of the porch from the Haven Homes website:

Modular homes are built fast, are inherently "green" because of their cutting/framing technique and can be very high quality.  Big Man automatically equated modular with junk and was surprised when he found that not to be the case.  I am so excited by the thought of them building the house in a few months!  How easy that would be...

However, I want to build a sustainable home.  I want to build something that looks and feels "old".  Can a modular company do this?

YES!  After much research, I found this forward-thinking company, New World Homes.  They build green homes in a traditional style.  I especially like the Denver and the Carson.  I am so excited about the company, I want to quit my job and spread the word for them.  They build almost exactly what I would build if I were building it on my own.  The houses are designed to feel "old" and to be "green".  You couldn't ask for a better fit.  I am head over heels.

Both of these companies made me feel very comfortable that they would deliver a beautiful end product.

Ever build modularly or know someone who did? I would love to hear about your experiences.

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