Monday, October 4, 2010

Can a big breakfast nook replace a dining room? Should it?

Should we plan a little breakfast nook in the kitchen for a quick bite with the dining functionality of the house augmented elsewhere with a dining room?
Should we have a big breakfast nook that can double as a dining room and just ELIMINATE the idea of a separate dining room?

How do you do it? Do you use your dining room? Do you double up?

This one below would also be a great place to serve the breakfast rush. I can just imagine feeding the kiddies oatmeal here, having coffee with friends, having friends hang out while I cook.

This one below is so cute and peaceful. I can totally imagine sitting here for cuppa tea or coffee after the morning rush. This are tiny, though, and would definitely require a separate dining room for holidays and special occasions. But maybe that is good to have? I do love dining, but a whole extra room just seems like a waste of space.

These next two are beautiful and could do double duty as dining rooms. I love how how bright and airy they are, with the vaulted ceiling, the multitude of windows and the french doors leading directly to the outside of the house.

We have a big local family with big family parties...I'm thinking a breakfast nook like this could accomodate everyone, and maybe we just eliminate a dining room? What do you think?

I started collecting these photos way before I started blogging, so if you know where they are from, please let me know, so I can cite the source.


  1. At the moment I have a eat-in-kitchen and I can't wait until we open up the house and have a formal dining room... I want a buffet... I'll still keep a small table & chairs in the kitchen, so we can grab a snack and breakfast in there... I just hate eating in the same room as where the food is prepared when it comes to special meals... I feel the pressure to keep the kicthen tidy, on top of doing all the cooking... I'd be happy with shutting the door on it and dealing with the clean up later!

  2. These images are great and I love that first one because it feels so real. We have both a nook and a dining room and could really live with just the nook.

  3. ~*We have a 1930 home with the eating nook off the kitchen and the dining room as the pass through between the eating nook and living room! Love it that way..especially for entertaining it creates a great flow! ;)Rachel~*

  4. love nooks! i would definitely do it... we don't have a dinning room as it is.. just a small 4 seat table outside the kitchen..

  5. I have a big kitchen with an eat in area plus an island. We are always in the kitchen and that is where we dine. I also have a formal dining room which is being used for my toddler's play room. It is right off the kitchen so it's perfect. I can always see him. I say you use your interior spaces based on how you live. xx

  6. This is a hard one. We have a formal dining room all decked out right next to our breakfast nook. So I turned the nook into my little office corner. We lived here a year before i even put something in the nook. In most houses I feel they are a waste of space because the DR and nook are usually so close together they seem redundant. I guess it depends on the layout!

  7. i have to say that i looove a beautiful little breakfast nook....

    it's not dissimilar to having a breakfast bench but somehow sweeter..cosier...

    in a lovely perfect world...i would have a little breakfast nook for kiddos breakfasts and tea with friends...and a seperate bigger table/dining area...

    we spend so much time in our kitchens that a space for kids to have afternoon homework...sort the mail is perfect and then when the whole family comes over another space dedicated just to eating and sharing....

    anyway...that sounds like heaven to your inspirational pickies!

    melissa x

  8. Love the idea of a breakfast nook that doubles as a family dining area. We don't use our formal dining room. Well, actually, now it's a kid's play room. Maybe someday, we'll reclaim it :)

  9. Oh, I love breakfast nooks! We don't have a formal dinning room - our dining table is in an area of the lounge room between the kitchen and the living area. Then we have an island in the kitchen that seats two - we often eat lunches there, feed the babe there, or one person sits and chats while the other cooks. I love it for that reason. But if it was designed differently, I'd love to have the capacity for 3-4 people to sit at a "nook" or a good island in the kitchen...

  10. I absolutely love breakfast nooks! They are functional, practical and look so chic nowadays! We have a nook in our kitchen with a banquette and it is used for meals, snacks, art projects and the list goes on. Doesn't everyone love being in the kitchen? We have a formal dining space, but it isn't used on a daily basis.


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